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Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Make data-driven decisions through comprehensive business metrics in near-real-time, spot market trends, increase compliance, predict outcomes, and more.

Make data-driven decisions

Data-driven companies are now the most resilient due to their ability to make low uncertainty decisions. Data analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) brought to the business world a handful of benefits. Now it’s possible to have descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analysis at hand when making important decisions.


Data analytics and BI are our core services in TBInc we firmly believe that decisions based on relevant, truthful, and timely information contribute a healthy growth over the years. We can help you transform your company into a data-driven business, visualize your historical data in a friendly and consistent way, track KPIs, predict future sales, predict purchasing behaviors, analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, increase supply chain efficiency, and much more. 

How can we help?

Sales Analysis

Keep track of your sales and set goals for your sales team to follow their performance and motivate them.

Marketing campaigns effectiveness

Know if your paid ads are generating leads and if those leads turn into customers.

Inventory analysis

Keep track of your real  inventory levels and forecast product demand.

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