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ERP Implementation

Maximize planning and resource management, improve quality control, manage all your business processes and be more proactive, predictive, and productive through an ERP platform.


Having issues with daily operations in a company often is a symptom that indicates that an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is highly needed. Through the right ERP it is possible for a company to manage all of its processes in all of its areas, including finance, inventory, sales, marketing, etc. Among, all of the benefits an ERP brings, the correct and structured data collection might be the most powerful one since it allows the company to carry out data analytics projects.

Given that in TBInc we like to analyze each case independently, we roadmap all of your business needs and study carefully its process requirements so we can come up with a strategic IT project for ERP implementation which is most definitely going to implicate a business transformation with a value perspective right from the start.


An app for every need

Odoo is an open-source solution that provides a large number of convenient tools for managing all business processes of any company. All of Odoo's apps work seamlessly together, giving you the possibility to automate all of your business processes according to your needs.

Moreover, Odoo is highly configurable. Thanks to its open-source development mode and hundreds of available apps, it is possible to do all kinds of processes with the software.

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