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Technology Consulting

We evaluate each case independently and propose a tailor-made solution focusing on reducing cost and improving business processes. 

Technology has already changed the way the world works

It is common for companies to know that they need to move towards Digital Transformation but not know how, or to feel the need to optimize some process with the use of technology and not be sure which tool is the right one. This is why we offer technology consulting services from start to end, where we begin by listening carefully to our client's pain points, then methodically evaluate each one of them, and design the solution that best suits the company and its needs.

In TBInc., we implement digital solutions of advanced technology, data science, and Business Intelligence (BI) and customize them according to each industry and business type. We seek to implement cost-efficient systems that contribute to the optimal management of processes. We use agile methods such as SCRUM to carry out our projects in short times and according to the main needs of the client.

Technology is changing the way we work, the company that gets on this train moves to a better future, and the one that doesn't will eventually fall by the wayside.

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Health Industry

Omnichannel and CRM solutions help to improve customer experience of the most important private hospital in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

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Wholesale Industry

CRM implementation and Business Intelligence reports help wholesale company's sellers to achieve targets.  

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Legal Industry

Digitalization, automation and Business Intelligence on a law firm's processes to reduce repetitive tasks and leverage lawyers performance

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Construction Industry

Tailor-made Odoo ERP to help a construction company manage all of its process. 

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