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Artificial Intelligence

Analyze and process great amounts of data faster than human brains are capable of through AI.

Achieve objectives faster with Artificial Intelligence

Each year, more companies join the cloud and feel the inevitable need to perform data analytics. However, most of them tend to find themselves overwhelmed by the immeasurable amount of data and incapable of processing it correctly and turning it into meaningful information. This is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) comes into play. This data tool can perform cognitive functions similar to the human brain but at a much higher capacity, and it has the ability to convert data into value.


At TBInc., we give our clients a tremendous competitive advantage by bringing cloud, data, and AI together. Our AI solutions allow companies to make more accurate decisions, achieve objectives in less time, reduce operating costs and improve profit margins. In addition, as we know that people are a crucial piece to ensuring the success of any technological implementation, we make special efforts so that our proposals facilitate the employee's tasks and improve their performance. Parallel to the quantitative benefits, this last aspect gives qualitative benefits to our AI projects.

How can we help?

AI for processing

Assists with repetitive tasks so humans can focus on more strategic work.

AI for marketing

Understand the market's behavior and make better decisions for advertisements, etc.

AI for customer experience

Give a better response to customers using NPL Chatbots.

AI for sales

Classify customers based on their purchase behavior.

AI for supply chain

Forecast product demand and inventory levels.

AI for HR

Predict message volumes in call centers for staffing decisions.

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